DIY Hand Sanitizer

A simple but effective DIY hand sanitizer that's safe for kids, too!

This DIY hand sanitizer is simple and effective. Which is good news since so many commercial hand sanitizers are full of chemicals you really don’t want rubbing into your skin.¬†Making your own hand sanitizer is super easy. And the blend that Jackie has come up with will kill germs on contact and it safe for kids. No more worrying about germs or young hands handling food or whatnot drenched in harmful ingredients. We know you’ll be just as pleased as are with this homemade hand sanitizer. It’s the perfect solution for cold and flu season or an everyday use. Mix it up and stuff it in your purse and you’re good to go! Be sure to pay attention to the tips Jackie at The Paleo Mama gives on choosing the best ingredients for this awesome DIY Hand Sanitizer.

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