Luxurious Grass-Fed Tallow Balm

Luxurious grass-fed tallow balm. This stuff is amazing for your skin!

Trying to live a more simple life in terms what I put in my body is nothing new to me, but recently I’ve been thinking more and more about what I put ON my body. Between hair care, dental hygiene, all sorts of lotions and potions and the few make-up products I use, I realized I’ve been slathering my skin with all sorts of chemicals. Cave Girl Eats creator Liz Wolfe came out with a comprehensive Skintervention Guide – a how-to for all things Paleo and skin care – not too long ago, so I decided to get a copy for myself.

While I’m no stranger to trying a few of the methods in the guide, there was a metric ton of information that was new to me. Liz does a great job of communicating that most of what we put on our skin ends up getting absorbed into the body and the myriad chemicals in our cosmetics are chock full of nasties (endocrine disruptors are just one that comes to mind). So, have you tried out this luxurious Tallow Balm?

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