Why You Should Jump Rope Everyday

I’ll admit it. I was a jump rope junkie during my elementary school days. I loved working on my double-unders and fancy footwork. I had no idea that I was exercising. I just thought it was FUN. Well, listen up, because there are some AWESOME reasons why you should jump rope every day.

Here are five of my favorite reasons to jump rope every day:

1. High Calorie-Burning Exercise

Jumping is one of the fastest ways to burn calories. Walk for an hour and you’ll burn maybe 200 – 300 calories. Jump for an hour and you’re talking up to 1,000 calories burned. Of course, you don’t have to jump for an hour. Even a short 5 minute burst will get your body and metabolism revving. Jump roping has been shown to KEEP your body burning more calories ever after you’re done!

2. Improved Coordination & Balance

We tend to think that losing our balance and coordination is just a part of the aging process. Not so! Activities like jump roping keep our balance and coordination in shape. Plus, As Dr. Barry says in an article in The New York Times: “Fragile bones don’t matter, from a clinical standpoint, if you don’t fall down.”

3. Compact & Travel Friendly

Jump roping is so easy to take with you on the go. No bulky equipment. No gym memberships. No fancy anything. If you have a rope you have an awesome workout at your disposal.

4. Happy Body

Jump roping helps your body release endorphins which act like pain relievers and just make you happy. No wonder I loved jump roping as a kid!

5. Heart Healthy

There’s no better workout to get your heart rate up and keep your heart happy than jump roping. Jumping rope on a regular basis improves your cardiovascular fitness, the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to working muscles.

So what are you waiting for? Forget expensive workouts and grab a $10 jump rope (THIS is our favorite one) and get your body going.

Why You Should Jump Rope Everyday

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